dimanche 30 mars 2008

les vacances. interrupted.

So, I know I just got back from Montreal, but here I am in sunny Antibes holidaying en famille. Well, with my brother, his (put upon, but also seemingly quite work-averse) wife and their two (adorable, gorgeous, beautiful) kids. These are the kids who are going to wheel me round in my bath chair when I'm ninety (god forbid), so I'm being nice to them.

Anyway, le soleil brille, le ciel est tout bleu, etc. But not for long as I'm about to wing my way northwards for a last minute 'any chance I can see you asap?' meeting with my boss. She's away for three weeks from tuesday and wanted to see me before she went - wants to discuss my 'location' for the next two years. Sounds very ominous doesn't it?

It's possibly less ominous than it sounds though, as I think she's picked up on my grumblings about travelling so much and not being able to get a life because I'm never in one place for long enough. We had a brief chat on the phone last week, which kind of went:

"I think you should move to Lille, that way you're still in France but handy for Belgium and Holland"

"I'm not moving to Lille"

"Well it seems the logical answer to me"

"I don't want to have to quit over this. I'm not moving to Lille"

"How about a five year contract in the States?"

"Can't I just move to Brussels?"

"Hmm. I hadn't thought about Brussels. It's not in France, though, is it?"

"Not last time I looked, no".

So it seems that we have a couple of issues on our hands here. a) My boss lives in a world of make believe, b)she's never looked at a map of europe, like, ever, c) She seems to think that just because she pays for my apartment she can choose where I live.

I guess with option 'c' she may have something of a point.

Anyway, the meeting is tomorrow. It seems my Lyonnais days are almost behind me.

Let's hope the next town likes me just as much.

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Breezy a dit…

You must get to more places in a month than I've been to in my life. I'm a bit of a home bod though so I'll let you do the travelling for me. At least while you are being wheeled round in your bath chair you'll have plenty of tales to tell.

Swearing Mother a dit…

Take care in Antibes, Travelling.

Last time there I was mugged by motorbike (was in moving car at the time and had opened the window to let a fly out). Some guy overtook us, leaned in the window and grabbed by bag which was in the footwell between my feet. It was a bit of a shock I can tell you, a swarthy tattoo-ed arm suddenly reaching down between my knees (oo-la-la), but thanks to my diligent Pilates exercise regime and my more than adequate thighs, I managed to clamp aforementioned thighs shut before he could lift my bag out of the car. We tussled a bit and he gave a final yank and pulled the handle off my bag, but I'd still got hold of the rest of it between my knees and when the handle came off, so did he. Serves the bugger right.

Anyway, keep your hand on your wallet and keep your window shut!

As for relocation, what's wrong with Lille? I quite like it. Is there something about Lille I should know?

Lewis a dit…

I only hope that your next place of residence has a guest room for visitors. We're really pleasant and quiet people, really.

Anonyme a dit…

I have my fingers crossed for you. Whatever town it will be it'll surely be closer to me, yipeee :-)

aims a dit…

And here I was sporting a bit of jealousy over your travelling....when in reality I know it sucks. I have this urge to see as many place in the world as I can before I die...but then again - I hardly ever leave the barn....not to say I don't - because I do...and when I do...I make sure it's for someplace warm and without a ton of snow..

Now swearing mother - I'm jealous over those thighs...aren't you TBNIL??

Swearing Mother a dit…

Aims, they come in handy for all sorts of things - holding onto a wine bottle whilst pulling a stubborn cork, steadying wriggling dogs whilst putting on a collar, or even performing the odd head-lock when husband's really annoying me (don't ask).

Worth all the Pilates pain, honestly!