lundi 24 mars 2008

The sun'll come out, tomorrow.

Lyon is a classy place. The local hookers advertise their 'wares' on luminous stickers, which they stick on lampposts, traffic lights and so on. They put their name and their phone number on the sticker. Printed in black. Nothing more, nothing less. I guess as marketing goes, this must be quite a cheap campaign.

The thing that has always made me laugh about these ads is the imagination that has gone into thinking up exotic and seductive names. Names like 'Sasha', 'Jasmine', 'Inge' and 'Mirabelle'.

Then there are the plain weird names like 'Chou-chou' (trust me, this sticker exists).

There's also 'Trans' which I'm guessing isn't a name and which will lead some poor unsuspecting sap of a punter to end up with chips when he wanted rice.

But this morning I have seen the most curious of all. Think about it - you are a 'lady of the night' and you want to sound alluring. You want people to look at your name and conjure up images of a Swedish blond, an African princess or an Eastern promise.

With this in mind, would you choose 'Annie'?

It makes me think of a ten-year-old redhead with untameable curls, a big dog and a penchant for running away from the orphanage.

I can imagine her booking in clients - "I can't *@%! you today love, but tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love you tomorrow - it's only a daaaaaay aaaaawaaaay".

6 commentaires:

Swearing Mother a dit…

Annie? What a terrifying thought.

The best sign I ever read was a printed notice in a boarded up shop window in the Pallasades:

"Closed down due to bad management and lack of pussy".

And it wasn't even a pet shop.


aims a dit…

Perhaps you're missing out on the schoolgirl theme here?

Or should I say - the naughty schoolgirl theme....

So glad you enjoyed the video...

Anonyme a dit…

LOL I just love a bit of carry on humour, and tommu cooper as you saw.
Sometimes we try to be a bit clever with humour and forget a good belly laugh does us good.
Did she smell lol

The Hangar Queen a dit…

"which will lead some poor unsuspecting sap of a punter to end up with chips when he wanted rice."

Yes,yes that's what they all say.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

SM - nice sign. very classy indeed.

Aims - I'm not sure little orphan Annie was ever that kind of naughty schoolgirl, was she?

VM - I think you mean the old girl in today's other post? I hope so - she didn't smell, but I didn't get too close....

and HQ, how right you are. It'd be a case of "the punter doth protest too much", me thinks....ha ha.

Marianne a dit…

Just found you! And this made me laugh out loud - thanks!
Will be back for sure.