samedi 15 mars 2008

It's been a week...

This week has seen:

- my cousin diagnosed with terminal cancer on Tuesday. No prognosis, just 'spend time with your kids, enjoy your family'.

- a really lovely family friend died on Wednesday - of old age, but nonetheless.

- the only dog to ever join our family died yesterday and is missed by three generations.

- we also passed the sixth anniversary of my Dad's death - which my Mom still struggles through, understandably.

So not the easiest of weeks, as you can imagine.

It reminds me a bit of the two year period in which I organised 5 funerals for close family members. It got to the point where the funeral home starting saying 'No way, who is it this time?' whenever I walked in. Trust me, by number five I had it down to a fine art.

Anyway, a sad, sad week. Let's hope it's not to be repeated for a long time.

Happier post to follow.

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softinthehead a dit…

My goodness...what a week!

Lewis a dit…

Wow! I send you my greetings, love, hugs, and condolences. I wish you wellness and wholeness ahead.

The Hangar Queen a dit…

Sorry for your troubles love.Take your time and come back when you're good and ready.

We'll still be here.

Incidentally I attended the funeral of a friend's father today and was astonished to learn the deceased had been a professional wrestler in Mexico in the 60's.He was known as 'El Vampiro' and was the villian the crowds loved to hate.
It was a life well lived.

Lane a dit…

Ouch. What a crap-laden week.
Take care.

knifepainter a dit…

As Hangar Queen said, sorry for your troubles.

What I hate most is the anniversary's.

January is now so bad that I don't go out.

aims a dit…

I feel for you and for your Mom - she took it very hard didn't she.

I don't think the more you do the easier it gets - it's just that you get to know the routines at a funeral home.

The pain is still the same isn't it?

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Hey everyone, thanks for all your lovely thoughts and comments. It's nice to know you care...


CawfeeGuy a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

I'm very sorry to hear. Big Hug!

Breezy a dit…

Don't know what to say in the face of all that except to send you a virtual hug ((TBNIL))

Anonyme a dit…

sometimes life can be such a bitch
I am sure you will give everyone love and support, you are a caring guy.
Hope things look up soon