vendredi 14 décembre 2007

Star Academy

So last night was the date with le Lyonnais. He cooked dinner for us both. And you know what? As I stood on his balcony, freezing but with a gin and tonic to keep me warm, I realised I was in the wrong place.

He's a nice guy, just not nice enough. Well, he probably is nice enough for someone else, but not me. What am I looking for? What was he lacking? If only I knew. I just know it wasn't right.

I ate my dinner, gave good company and got my coat. Years ago I'd have stayed, just for politeness' sake. But I didn't stay. I didn't want to, so I left. I know this probably sounds like a pretty simple decision, but trust me, it was hard. I knew the sex would be good. I also knew I'd hate myself the next day. And I knew he'd be more difficult to give up if we slept together again.

Am I avoiding getting involved? Am I scared? Am I scarred? Or did I just make a good decision, a normal, grown-up decision? Maybe it was just a dinner that was followed by an offer that I turned down. Is life ever that simple?

Anyway, tonight I'm watching Star Academy. It's mindless and stupid, and bad tv, but it's easier than dating.

mercredi 12 décembre 2007

le Lyonnais

Just before I left for Hong Kong, I went to dinner with a group of friends at L'Ouest - a restaurant run by local hero and national treasure Paul Bocuse. As expected, the food was first class. The company was good too and we managed to put the world to rights around the table. Many good friends were there, as well as a few people I had never met before.

The food eaten, wine drunk and bill paid, we prepared to leave. As I put on my coat, one of the 'inconnus', a Lyonnais guy called Martin, asked me if I wanted to share a beer on the way home. The restaurant is a bit out of town, and a forty-five minute walk from my place. But it's a pleasant walk along the river Saone and so I chose to walk rather than taxi. Martin, having arrived in a cab, agreed to walk back with me and we stopped off at a bar in Vaise for a couple of beers.

As he left my apartment the next morning, I wondered what I actually thought of this guy. He's short, but then I'm in the wrong country for leggy lovelies. He's opinionated, but again, this isn't the land of the shrinking violet. He smokes and drinks, and didn't shower before leaving. I think it may be love. ha ha.

The point is, that I always meet people just as I'm about to leave. And so I left for Hong Kong wondering if I'd see him again, but hoping I would.

I've been back in Lyon for two days now, and he's called me twice a day. I'm seeing him again tomorrow - he's cooking dinner for us. Who knows. Is this the start of something? Even if it's the end of something I'm happy. Back in the saddle, back off the shelf. For the time being, at least.