mardi 25 mars 2008

It looks like America, it sounds like France.

Well, kind of, but neither of these is actually true. It looks like America in a certain light (think Manhattan, not Tulsa). And it sounds like France, but only in a 'what-the-fuck-kind-of-weirdass-accent-is-that?' kind of way.

But it is neither America nor France. It truly is a place all on its own. A pretty great place, at that. Quebecois seem to have a great attitude - friendly, helpful, chatty, open-minded..... Maybe this a Canadian attitude? Now doubt my Canadian chums will enlighten me.

So much was crammed into such a short trip, but for those of you interested, here are my Montreal moments (in no particular order). Alas, no Mounties made the list:

1. The ten feet of snow piled up by the side of the road into town. What had I gotten myself into?

2. The ice cold wind hitting my face and freezing my tears. The most effective hangover cure I've ever known. Walking down by the river the morning after. Amazing.

3. The staff at my hotel. It seems they're only employing model-standard at the W these days. Even the maintenance guy who came to fix my TV could have stayed and entertained me. Who needs TV?

4. The Musee des Arts Contemporain. Possibly the best shows of new art that I've seen in a long while. Really great, homegrown stuff. Go there. See it.

5. The night I was woken up outside my hotel by the cab driver at 3 am. Shameful or shameless? Both, I'm afraid.

6. Le Village. The best gay neighbourhood ever? Quite possibly. That said, Darlinghurst doesn't have the peril-inducing snow and ice problems. So maybe the second best gay neighbourhood ever.

7. The way the sun hit the icy streets and made even Ste Catherine Ouest an area of outstanding natural beauty.

8. Quebecois attitude and joie de vivre. I like these people, they're like easy-going Americans (sorry if you are a non-easy-going American, but if you are, WTF are you doing here?).

9. Closing my eyes on my way up to the top of the Olympic tower. It all looked white and pretty from up there.

10. Steven.

11. Many many great bars. All good, all serving cold beer and great attitudes. Not sure I've ever been anywhere like the Stock Bar before. Not sure I ever will again. For many reasons. But you could probably twist my arm.

So many reasons to go back. Maybe I will. It seems like the kind of place I could hole up for a while and write this damn book. Did I mention the book? I need to get it started, but it's hard to write when I'm always on a plane.

Or maybe that's just an excuse?

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aims a dit…

Darling - so glad you enjoyed our hospitality. Quebec is truly unique in Canada you know. You see - we hardly have any snow over here and the weather has been down right balmy!!

Us Canadians - well - we look at life in a different way than others I think. But not everyone is open-minded - we too have our red-necks unfortunately. Ah well..the world would be boring if we were all the same.

Now here is my question - have you been to Key West? Especially during Fantasy Fest which occurs during the week of Halloween. The queen of the ball ends the week by descending on a glittery pump....

We happened to stumble on this event and I kept calling my brother and screaming into the phone..."OMG! You should be here!"

Never before have I seen so many gay people walking around holding hands and embracing. Or wearing a chef hat, apron, and work socks and boots. Accessorized by cock rings with dangly chains. And that's it! After a little bit of showing off they strutted off hand in hand...presumably off to cook up something...

Talk about the land of the free and uncriticized! We loved it!

tornwordo a dit…

Definitely a unique place. Glad you enjoyed it (in the proud of my place kind of way, since I don't really know you) and you were lucky you got sun! Yes it was cold all weekend, but better than grey like it's been most of the winter. The W is fabulous, I work right next door.

softinthehead a dit…

Great to hear you had a wonderful time, it is a great place. You didn't you do any shopping in the underground malls? OK so you definitely have to go back (and of course there's still the elusive mountie!and the mysterious Steven!!)

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Aims, you never fail to surprise me. You get the award for being the first person to say 'cock ring' on my blog.

Tornwordo, welcome. I did feel blessed to get sun - so many people told me how lucky that was!

Softie, of course I shopped in the underground malls - it was, like, too cold to stay outside for very long! And I got my fair share of Second Cup coffee...

Medbh a dit…

The first thing I noticed when I went to Montreal was how stylish the average folks were. Classy.
So what's the book you're writing? A novel?

Breezy a dit…

OK so who is this this Steven then?

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Medbh and Breezy, the two things I slipped in there hoping I wouldn't get asked about them - and you found them!

The book - who knows, I have a great idea but I just need some time to let it brew. I'm hoping to take some time this summer to get started.

And the boy? Just a boy. Who made my trip to Montreal a bit more interesting. (Coy smile)

Swearing Mother a dit…

Book? Did you say book??


Lewis a dit…

Damn. And I was hoping for Tulsa.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

SM, hang on in there. all may eventually be revealed. But not very soon.

And Lewis - I was in Tulsa last year. I found it a bit....strange? I preferred Oklahoma City. Which is saying something.

Anonyme a dit…

Sounds utterly fabulous and just what was needed. I'm dying to hear the behind the scenes gossip :-)