mardi 1 avril 2008

Deal. Or no deal?

Heathrow. Terminal one, thank the lord. Which seems to have turned into a beautiful airport to fly from (once past security, natch) now that BA have shifted most of their flights over to T5. I'm flying BA, but curiously the Nice flight is staying here for the time being. Anyway, I'm not complaining - the shops are empty, there are loads of seats, the staff seem chilled and it's how airports should be.

Shame that the same can't be said for T5, but hey, je m'en fiche.

So, the deal has been done. I've signed up for two years in Paris.

I've had to pretty much sign my soul over to the devil, but I'm working on the basis that two years in Paris at someone else's expense doesn't come along every day.

The deal sees me travelling much less (but I'll believe it when I see it) and I'll also be getting an office (i.e. not the corner of my living room) and an assistant (praise be - I'll never have to put another printer cartridge in). No doubt the search for new office/home/assistant/slave will feature heavily over the coming weeks. You have been warned.

Now, all this is very well but it is only a two-year deal. As you may have noticed, I'm not really a man with a plan. But I fear I need one. It seems I have but two years to get this damn book written and achieve international-literary-god status so that I never have to sign of of these contracts again.

Am I setting myself up for a massive fall? Move to Paris, start new job, work full-time, and write a book in two years? Oh, and somewhere along the line I'm kind of hoping to fall in love.

That's all going to happen isn't it?

Yeah, right.

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softinthehead a dit…

Well if it is going happen anywhere, Paris sounds like a good spot. Very envious right now.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Bless you Softy. I'm a little stunned by it all to be honest - the thought of packing and moving is making me hold back on the screams of delight!

The Hangar Queen a dit…

OOh..can I apply for the job?

After the end of July though...guess that scuppers my chances eh?

Medbh a dit…

Congrats, TBNIL.
It's a tad scary to cling to optimism, but a fab new job, a modern classic and a new love can all happen.

Lola a dit…

What you need is an assistant who's drop dead gorgeous and has connections in the literary world. Then you'd change your blog name to "in love, but not travelling" and become rich and famous. You won't forget us, will you?

aims a dit…

Paris - Sigh!

Everything is going to work out great and you know it! Paris will be fab and you'll be inspired to write! The only problem will be finding the time to write instead of gallivanting around gay Paris....

I think you did the right thing!

Lane a dit…

You're leaving Lyon and your lovely view? Well, Paris sounds pretty exciting to me and if it means less travelling for you and an assistant - all the better. As long as your blogger stays in French - filling in 'Verification des Mots' is as glamorous as it gets for me:-)

All the very best with your new plans:-)

knifepainter a dit…

Sounds like a good decision. Good Luck !

Breezy a dit…

Well you could kill two birds with one stone and find an assistant that you can fall in love with which just leaves that pesky book nothing to it really for a man of your calibre

Swearing Mother a dit…

Of course it's going to happen. Or at least you'll have the time of your life trying.

Two years in Paris, eh? Well, it's a terrible strain but somebody's got to do it.

Anonyme a dit…

Hey congrats!! I reckon you'll be happier there than Brussels. Plus isn't it the city of lurve and all that... definitely more so than The Hague that's for sure

The Lehners in France a dit…

At least you will be in Paris for two years, it's long enough to make relationships. Romantic, beautiful and classy. Maybe you will post soon as static and in love?

Anonyme a dit…

WOW thats even better than two years in Fochriw!
Time is what you make it, theres always time if we really want to do something.
So a book eh - start writing it on here like some others have and we can be in it too :>)