dimanche 18 novembre 2007

Sundays are for packing

Ok, so I'm in denial. I have big week of travelling ahead of me, and I just can't face packing.

It's not just the packing, it's thinking about what I need, making sure it's all ironed, working out what work documents I need and fitting it all into a bag. I get a bit bored of it to be honest.

That said, I should be happy this week - although there's a lot of travelling, there's much more than just endless meetings to look forward to this week.

To give you an idea of what lies ahead :

Monday - Fly to Paris at lunchtime. Meet with awkward Parisian customers in the afternoon, but then deep joy, Rufus Wainwright is playing at the Casino de Paris this evening and I have a ticket. Will he notice me? Will he ask me to marry him?

Tuesday - From Paris to Amsterdam and meetings all day. Late afternoon, drive to Eindhoven to deliver an evening training session to Dutch and UK colleagues.

Wednesday - return to Amsterdam, drop UK colleagues off at airport and meet friends for lunch. Afternoon is more meetings, then dinner and sleep at friends house.

Thursday - drive from Amsterdam to Arnhem for a meeting that I know will be hard and long, and which is due to finish at midnight...a long, long day.

Friday - after seeing Amsterdam marketing agency, it's back to Paris. Best Friend arrives from UK today and we're off to eat, shop and drink ourselves silly. The fact that we have tickets to see Nana Mouskouri at the Opera Garnier for Saturday night is making us both very giddy with excitement. And you thought I was more Sex Pistols...?

I'll get home late Sunday evening. Ready for work Monday morning. It's a great week really, but you can surely imagine why I'm in denial...

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Swearing Mother a dit…

Busy, busy, busy. But sounds really exciting too, although I suppose if you're doing it all the time, packing can get tedious.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

In my mind I'm George Clooney in Ocean's Eleven. Gliding effortlessly from city to city, always looking elegant, refined and the epitome of cool.

In reality I'm John Candy in Planes Trains and Automobiles...

Swearing Mother a dit…

John Candy was brilliant! Every bit as sexy as George, and much more approachable too.

Loved that man.

Debra in France a dit…

I would rather be with John Candy, he makes me laugh. I used to travel alot in the UK at one time, and people would say 'oh how lovely going to York for the day', yes, it would be if I was a day tripper, but when you are going to a salon to do training and you have to park on the outskirts and cart all you stuff into the centre like a pack mule it's no so much fun.

Stew a dit…

Many years ago I did a shit-pile of business travel in Africa and West Coast USA.
People would say how jealous they were, "What's San Francisco like?"
But all I ever saw were the airports, the insides of taxis, the insides of Novotels and Holiday Inns and the computer rooms of banks.

And they all look the same.

Stew a dit…

TBNIL - after nearly 2 years of blogging, I am only now starting to find bloggers of a similar cloth.
So I've taken the liberty of starting a French Blogger blogroll and put you on it.
If it grows it could be a useful and interesting resource.
Info here: http://terrecuite.blogspot.com/2007/11/new-chez-nous.html
The last thing I want to create is an "expats in France" club. Let me know if you object to being included BUT I honestly wish I'd found your blog long ago and such a blogroll could have helped!

travelling, but not in love a dit…

well thank you lovely ladies for the John Candy appreciation notes. Unfortunately for you both, although I'm as disorganised as John Candy, I'm actually a dead ringer for gorgeous George. ha ha. I should be so lucky....

Stew and Debra, you're both right, the airport-hotel-meeting room-hotel-airport routine does become very old very quickly.

But if you look for 'a local experience' you can generally find it - and I don't necessarily mean sex when I say this (although I don't necessarily not mean sex either, ha ha).

The hard thing is getting motivated to go sightseeing after a day's work...