lundi 26 novembre 2007

Queens, queens, queens

I'm stood in the Palais Garnier, coupe de champagne in hand, mercilessly scanning the crowd. It's the Nana Mouskouri soiree and so, as you'd imagine, there are lots of boys here who appear to have left their wives at home....

We've positioned ourselves near to one group who looked like they promised to be entertaining. "Of course, Barbra Streisand was wunderbar in Vienna. It was queens, queens, queens as far as my eye could see", piped up one of the group. Obviously the Austrian boys were in town. "Who is that woman down there getting all of the attention?" he cried. "It should be me".

Me and Best Friend look down into the lobby and indeeed, there is a small, well-presented woman with massive helmet hair being ushered into the hall, photographers in pursuit. "Whoever she is, she could do with better shoes" mocked our new friend from Vienna.

Well, I'm not sure what kind of clothing budget is given to the wife of an ex President of the Republic, but from where we stood, it seemed that Bernadette Chirac was doing ok.

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Anonyme a dit…

so what shoes and suit did you wear?
What was the concert like I seem to rememeber I liked Nana
I am going to the opening of a major arts venue on Thursday, not with my husband but "acttoor" and such fun, much better to take than my fella.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Alas, no suit for me. Mrs Chirac was in a tweedy type two-piece with what appeared to be sequins all over it (although knowing the Chiracs they were more likely to be real diamonds...payment for some dodgy deal of her husband's).

So although no suit, I looked quite fetching in Jeans by Gap, shirt by Faconnable, navy velvet jacket by a Hong Kong tailor and my favourite boots. Did I turn heads? Only the wrong ones, unfortunately.

Nana, was great, she belted out (or should I say warbled her way through) some classics and generally entertained.

Sounds like Thursday will be fun. I like things like that for the audience as much as the event - it's fascinating to see who turns up (and who they turn up with...)!

Stew a dit…

I saw adverts for the Miskouri concert and I thought "damn! she was middle-aged when I was a kid. Now I'm middle aged and she still looks the same"
I always wish she and Demis Rouusos whold have got it one and produced a fat warbling kaftan'd Greek lovechild with crap glasses.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

ah Stew, you're always there with the classy comment.

Secretly, I was hoping that Demis Roussos would join her on would truly have been my big fat greek concert.

Anonyme a dit…

my thursday was lovely I had a great time This is £35m Arts centre/campus
CELEBRITIES joined teachers, musicians and academics on the red carpet for the glittering launch of a new £35m university campus.

The University of Glamorgan’s new Atrium building in Cardiff has been officially opened with a day of celebration.

Home to Cardiff’s School of Creative and Cultural Industries, it offers courses in art and design, media and drama and music.

Guests were invited to tour the new building in Adam Street, speak to students and Atrium’s ambassador BBC newsreader Huw Edwards.

The evening showcase included performances by harpist Catrin Finch and singers Elin Manahan Thomas and Daisy Blue, who was accompanied on the piano by her father Mal Pope.

Actors Matthew Rhys and Jonathan Pryce and Welsh band The Lost Prophets sent messages of support. And joining in the celebration yesterday was the faculty’s new board of visiting professors. This advisory board, headed by industrial designer Prof Nick Butler OBE, will be made up of actor Daniel Evans, composer Karl Jenkins, animator Robin Lyons, film director Marc Evans and theatre director Terry Hands.

What did i wear - white palazzo pants and a fitted jacket with lots of Bling - no jimmy choos though -Flats for me lol