samedi 24 novembre 2007

State of independence

When I think about my parents, and about my life as a child, I feel so much love, admiration and respect for them.

As I've grown older, I've come to realise that life isn't always easy. Love, money, jobs, bosses, parents, kids - it all causes stress and makes the daily existence of the family unit difficult.

Not once did I ever realise this as a child. My parents shielded me from so much, protected me and made sure that my life was never anything less than wonderful. It makes me so happy to know this, that they loved me to this extent, yet so sad that their lives weren't as easy as I thought they were. But I guess that's what parents do?

When I spend time with friends who have kids, I see them doing the same thing for their kids. It makes me wonder if the path my life has taken, the path I have allowed it to take, the path I have chosen, is the right path. If I had kids, would I be happier? If I was married, would I be happier?

These are the things that traditionally make us humans happy - love, security, family life.

But I love my independence, my life on the run, my friends. I like being able to hand kids back when they start to play up. I like having time to myself. I like choosing what to eat, what to watch on TV, what to spend my money on.

Would I trade all of this for a different life? A life with a good man by my side. With adopted kids or rescued dogs. A life centred on a family home, not a bachelor pad.

Would I be prepared to change my life to this extent?

Today I'm feeling brave, so I say "Yes. In a heartbeat".

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Anonyme a dit…

Would I be prepqred to change my life to this extent? Today I'm feeling brave, so I say "Yes. In a heartbeat".
Thats lovely to hear,and its natural, we actually are engineered that way I am told.
Hope you can find your heartbeat

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Bora da VM...

thanks for the sentiment. It's appreciated.

Swearing Mother a dit…

It is a brave choice, and an honest one. That's a very good place to start.

Give it time.

By the way, your folks must be thrilled to know how much you appreciated your childhood. Quite often kids only let us know where we went wrong, and the fact that you have such great memories of being a kid is really something.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

thanks SM. In the cold light of day, I'm not sure if it's brave or stupid.

I'm just hoping that it's not stupid.