mardi 27 novembre 2007

Capsule wardrobe

I'm going to Hong Kong tomorrow. You'd think I'd be excited about this. Secretly I am, but I'm not telling anyone that. Instead, I'm saying how stressful it is. How hard it is to decide what to pack.

What I need is a capsule wardrobe. You know, the kind that has been cleverly thought out so that everything goes with everything else. Where there are outfits that can take you from podium dancing at boyz-a-go-go to the Ambassadors reception. Not that either of these feature in my holiday plans.

Anyway, my holiday wardrobe is a disaster. Basically, it's my normal wardrobe, with shorts. Nothing really goes with anything else, and you can guarantee that the one item of clothing that holds the whole collection together is the one that I leave next to the ironing board.

For someone who packs every single week, you'd think I'd be an expert. Next to some members of my family I am an expert. My mother will lay out her clothes three weeks before the trip and slowly add things and take things away until she's left with an unholy mess that makes her look like she won a five minute sweep at TK Maxx.

So I've tried to focus this time. I don't really want to turn up at the Intercontinental looking like a dogs dinner, but let's face it, I'm flying Air France, so I'll be lucky to turn up at all.

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Stew a dit…

"an unholy mess that makes her look like she won a five minute sweep at TK Maxx."

good one!

An expensice solution is to purchase clothes as necessary from the VERY expensive stores in the hotel lobby. I had to do this once on abusiness trip when my bags went astray. Because I had to pay with my card and then claim back on insurance later I could only afford one of everything and had to wash and iron the stuff daily in my hotel room.

Swearing Mother a dit…

Travelling, what you need is a personal shopper to assemble your capsule wardrobe for you. Just give me your credit card, size, height and general description and I will kit you out, no problem.

Or I will kit one of us out anyway, but that just might be me.

Have a good time, take care of yourself.

Anonyme a dit…

thought - how about a dressing up cut out doll that you can dress with what you want and then give the cut outs to a personal shopper - theres a business there !