dimanche 11 novembre 2007

Sunday morning

Sleeping on sofas was fine ten years ago. I'm kind of over it now.

That said, it is on a sofa that I find myself waking this morning. A nice sofa, mind you. A nice charcoal grey number from Heals. But a sofa, nonetheless.

All of my London friends are normal people (i.e. they don't have trust funds and they're not on City bonuses), so if I stay over at someone's house when I'm in town it's pretty much guaranteed to be on a sofa. But I'm not complaining. Sofas are actually great places to sleep - you can go from lying in bed to sitting up and watching breakfast news in minutes, and have an excuse for eating breakfast wrapped in a duvet.

Anyway, last night was the Sex Pistols gig. Which was many times better than expected. But then I did expect it to be shit. In fact it was great. John Lydon giving a performance worthy of any regional panto, backed up by excellent music, played really well. I was really unsure about going, but had an excellent night.

Which was just what I needed after I finally gave in and answered Mark's call on his fourth attempt to reach me.

"Are you going to be in Lyon next week?" "I don't know, probably yes".

"Can we meet up? I need to talk to you" Again, I answer "I don't know, probably yes".

"It's important".

"Did she throw you out?"

"Fuck you" he says, and hangs up.

8 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

If I can do something for Mark... please tell him I'm in Lyon. :-)

Anonyme a dit…

What do GSOH and WLTM mean (in your profile) ?
I guess I haven't been in England for too long...

Stew a dit…

Ah - the cryptology of personal ads!
GSOH - Good Sense of Humour. Have you ever met anyone who's said "I have no senso of humour, me"

WLTM - Would Like To Meet

Since many small Ad personals charge by the word the acronyms are used to get more for your money.

Perhaps travelling, but not in love (or TBNIL as he could be known) can enlighten me to the meaning of "scene" and "non scene" in gay personal ads? I honestly have no idea.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

well, you know Stew, I do worry about why you may be reading such things as the gay personals, but hey I'll keep an open mind, ha ha.

The terms 'scene' or non-scene' refer to whether or not someone is a regular on 'The Gay Scene'.

It's all far to complicated, really. And let's not get into the 'straight acting' nonsense....

travelling, but not in love a dit…

And by the way, welcome to my world, BruZ.

It's only a small world, but it's mine all mine....

The Ex a dit…

Oh couches are perfectly fine for sleeping. I wouldn't complain about a nice grey couch somewhere in England.

Mid-lifer a dit…

And let us not forget sofa beds. That's where guests have to crash in our house - it's just too narrow for a double and just too short for most people of my generation but hey, it's a bed.

Thanks for visiting my blog TBNIL - intrigued that you saw the Sex Pistols - did they look all old and craggy?? Back in the day, when I were a punkette, I met Paul Cook (namedrop namedrop), and he was quite a bit older than me then!

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Hello ex, Hello mid-lifer.

I'm not saying the Sex Pistols were too old to be up on stage with Anarchy in the UK, but I'm betting their children (grandchildren..?!) were embarrassed.....

It was very good though.

And I accept that there's nothing wrong with a sofa bed....after a couple of gins.