jeudi 27 août 2009

Why I don't *heart* falling in love

You know the feeling.

You meet someone that you really like, you swap numbers and you wait for them to call.

You get excited when the phone rings - ecstatic when it's them, woeful when it's not.

Your life becomes a rollercoaster as you swing from date to date, wondering where this is going, whether this is the one.

I hate that shit.

All of it.

I hate the lack of control, the inability to judge where I stand, the feeling of vulnerability.

I hate the other person for having such an effect on my emotions.

I resent how the whole process takes me - completely involuntarily - out of my comfort zone.

My body betrays me, my mind drives me to distraction and I am no longer myself.

The guy sends me flowers and I turn into a giggling wench.

He doesn't return my call and I'm Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

He returns it too soon and I turn into the queen of keeping-my-distance.

My life turns upside down at the drop of a hat and I detest it.

I hate how being in love makes me feel, but most of all I hate it for being missing from my life.

Florida Boy arrives in four days time.

Can you tell?

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Anonyme a dit…

Oh I know what that's like.. I feel much better after a few months I have to say. Those first few weeks are just nerve wrecking.

But still... how exciting that Florida Boy is coming over! :)

Anonyme a dit…

That post could be the lyrics of a song, you really have a gift for expression.
is it love or is it fear of rejection
I always am amazed that when true commitment is made, those feelings go away.
I think I have been around a shrink for too long
I need to get back to my romatic celtic heart

Daryl a dit…

Love ... indefinable

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Marjolein, too nerve wracking for me. yuk. But yes, it's exciting...

VM...true commitment?!?! are you trying to make me run off and hide?

D, it's definitely indefinable. But mayeb one day I'll be able to describe it...he he

aims a dit…

Oh yes! It has been obvious for some time darling boy.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Aims....let's suck it and the expression goes...

Anonyme a dit…

Oh yes, I remember those feelings....I didn't like them either and is surely yet another reason to be appreciative of my FOH!

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Rob, stop showing off. Please.

Anonyme a dit…

Of course, if you spent enough time in the same country, those exciting yet bloody scary times would be over (one way or the other) after a few months. It's more fun to look back on it and say "Ah, remember when" than actually live through them.

Henry North London a dit…

Love is 10% romance and 90% daily living

At the moment its all romance Just enjoy it for what it is.

Life begins at 40 remember

The Woman who Can a dit…

It's deliciously terrible isn't it?! And I'm blogging again to keep you company, come see if you can

Alix a dit…

Oddly... I LOVE that shit. It's over all too soon and then you start longing for it again.

Such an entertaining and enjoyable piece... funny, true, and so deserving of David McMahon's POTD nomination.

Rock on Sistah. Enjoy your time with Florida Boy!

Cheffie-Mom a dit…

Congrats on the Post of the Day Award!

Brian Miller a dit…

oh you described it well...aint love grand? congrats ont he POTD mentioN!

Denise a dit…

You said this beautifully. Great post. Congratulations on POTD.

Louise a dit…

I don't think the right person makes you feel like that, but maybe we'll see if 4 days. (Which is now, I think.)

Mariana Soffer a dit…

Excelent post, great one, nice to meet you by the way, I got to you trough author blog. It took my attention cause I just wrote a related post myself 2 days after you did yours
here is an exceprt:
People can list what they don't like about a sweetheart, but they sweep these things aside and focus on what they adore. Intense energy, elation, mood swings, emotional dependence, separation anxiety, possessiveness, physical reactions including a pounding heart, shortness of breath, and craving, Fisher reports, are all central to this feeling. But the most important one is obsessive thinking.

You you want to read the rest:
I am glad to have discovered you blog man

She also think that romantic love is a very strong drive, stronger than lust, as people are more likely to commit suicide or homicide when rejected by someone they love than when their sexual overtures fail.

New England Girl a dit…

What a great commentary on such a beautiful, revolting and yet lovely topic... so many emotions, and you conveyed them all so well! I love this. :)

Congrats on POTD. This is definitely one I am thrilled to have come across. :)

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Hey there everyone who came over thanks to the POTD mention!

Truly lovely to see you all here, hope you come back visit again soon ;-)