lundi 18 mai 2009

Sad songs

My cousin died at the weekend.  She's finally at peace, out of pain, missed sorely by her family.

Her little boy has decided that they now need to move house.  He's decided that now Mom's dead, the house will be haunted forever.  There's no telling him otherwise.

I'm sad that I won't be able to get over there for the funeral, but I guess that goes with living overseas, right?  Needless to say, my heart and thoughts will be with them all on that day.

The songs they've chosen for the funeral are some of the songs that my Mom used to listen to a lot around the time of my Dad's death, so I can only imagine how it's going to be for her.  My brother will be there to hold her hand, but I personally feel pretty helpless, pretty useless.

Anyway, I'm sad but not depressed.  Angry but not ranting.  

I'm questioning how my Aunt keeps her faith.  She's a devout Christian.  I asked her whether her faith was a comfort, whether she found the answers when she prayed.  She told me that she's certain that there's a reason for my Cousin being taken so young, but that God has yet to tell her what the reason is.  

She countered this by saying "and he'd better bloody well hurry up and tell me the reason or I'm going over to the Muslims".  

Laughter kind of seems inappropriate, but as she laughed at her own joke, she seemed to ease up.  

She smiled, sighed, and said "she was a lovely girl you know.  To see her suffer like that isn't right.  Suffering like that for so long.  She'd have been better off dropping down dead in the supermarket."

"Just like my Dad did," I reminded her.

"Oh yes," she said.  "Now that was a ridiculous way to go, wasn't it?"

I had to agree.  Attention seeking to the very end.  

It must run in the family.

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Lane a dit…

I'm so sorry. There's no rhyme or reason to who gets picked is there.
So sad:-(
Take care m'dear. x

Anonyme a dit…

oh sweetheart so sad , but death is part of life and something we are never really prepared for.
remember the good things and celebrate her life.
Take the time to go to her funeral ,somethings are important and I feel this is for you. let the job take second place.

Anonyme a dit…

I'm so sorry... I guess we never know what the reason is for people dying when they do, or whether there's life after death. But I think it must be better than the suffering she had to endure at the end.

Victor a dit…

I am sorry for your loss.

A Lewis a dit…

Many thoughts for you and your family -- for peace, comfort, and light in the dark places. I'm so sorry to hear your bad news. Giant hugs.

Anonyme a dit…

so sorry for your loss
take care

Anonyme a dit…

Sorry to hear of your loss.

The Mutant a dit…

My heart goes out to you and my thoughts are with you. I so love the fact you can look back at moments and laugh though - that is the very best thing. Cherish those happy memories!

The Hangar Queen a dit…

I'm drinking whiskey and thinking of you and your family.

I've a glass for you when you're ready.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Thanks everyone, appreciate your thoughts and concern.


aims a dit…


You have my heart - you know that.

miss polly a dit…

thats a heartbreaking thing to have happen, i hope everyone's ok, or as ok as they can be