dimanche 31 mai 2009

Living in a bloggers paradise

So, DAY and me had a great week - with me working (and trying to shift this bronchitis) and him sightseeing.  Meeting after work to go in search of evening entertainment.

One of my promises to DAY was that I'd take him to the Depôt - the infamous Paris gay sex club / nightclub.  You can imagine that it's not somewhere I go to very often (yeah, right).

Anyway, Friday was the night that we'd planned our Depôt excursion.  And we had a lovely evening - we started at the usual bar, where we met up with friends (the Fierce People) and had a few drinks.  We then headed off for dinner at Paris' cheapest Chinese restaurant.  Midnight found us dancing to trashy disco at a Bear's bar in the Marais.

By one thirty, we were about ready to head to the Depôt.  And it was about the right time too - any earlier and the place would have been empty, it being a 'late night venue' and all that.

As we paid our money and headed downstairs to the lower bar (and the labyrinth...) I turned to DAY.  It seems he'd seen the same thing as I had - and neither of us really knew what to say.

On the dance floor was a wiry, thin guy dancing away to some euro pop.  He was wearing a bright white baseball cap and the brightest, whitest sneakers.  That was all that he was wearing.  Apart from the white at either end he was naked.  Dancing away and wobbling his tackle in time to the music.

"That boy looks just like a Q-tip" said DAY.  I told you he was funny.

Anyway, after a couple of drinks, we split up for us to each take a bit of a tour of the establishment.  This turned out to be less than satisfactory for both of us - the boys touting their erections in the doorways of the cubicles didn't really do it for me, nor for DAY it seems.  A bit of a moment with a Mexican later, we met up again and decided to hit the road.

We got home at four and fell into bed and into a coma.

The next day, we walked our hungover asses to Père Lachaise cemetery, where we admired Chopin, Wilde, Piaf and Morrison.  The sunshine and fresh air did us good.  It was only when we took the métro for the schlep across town to Etoile that it went wrong.  

Halfway through the thirty-minute journey I looked at DAY.  He'd turned green and there was sweat dripping down his face.

"You ok?" I asked, worried that he'd throw up over the train.

"Mmm hmm" he said.  From his mumbled answer I could tell that he didn't need to be talking.  That all he needed was to concentrate on not sharing his breakfast with the other passengers.

The nausea seemed to come and go (for both of us) during the day, but luckily it passed in time for us to head out for DAY's last night in Paris.

As we sat eating dinner at the Palais de Tokyo - on the terrace, looking out at the Eiffel Tower, glittering away - I realised that this boy was a keeper, a friend for ever.  It's been a short visit, but one that has been so full of fun, laughter, ridiculousness and hilarity.  

I wish he lived nearer.  As I waved him off at the airport I felt so pleased to have this new friend in my life, but equally I wished that I had a friend like him who lived in Paris.  Someone who 'got' me.  Someone to share ridiculous moments with.  Someone who makes me laugh and who puts up with my idiot-ness.

I've said this before, I know.  That despite all the other great things this blog thing has brought me, it's the friends I've made through it that surpass anything else blogging has to offer.

And for that, I praise blogger every day.

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Mike a dit…

"Dancing away and wobbling his tackle..." -- you have the best quotes!

this is a great post. being able to find the kind of friends you mentioned is awesome. they are definitely few and far between. *sigh

The Pixy Princess a dit…

Ah, I hear you about the virtual friends. I've had the pleasure of meeting most of my blog buddies and each time its been just fantastic. How else would I have connections in Japan, Finland, Ireland, UK, Hong Kong and various parts of the US? Also, couches to crash on at all those locations! ;)

aims a dit…

Oh sweetie - you almost made me cry! He does sound exactly like a keeper and so like you. I think I love him already!

Anonyme a dit…

Aw babes I'm sure he'll miss you too! Don't worry, next summer I'm holidaying in France so I'll try to pop into Paris for a day and say hi.

Anonyme a dit…

It's so true, wonderful friends can be made through blogging. So nice to hear of your fun time and that you both connected so well.

The Mutant a dit…

I can't imagine either of you two wanting to frequent a place like Depôt - Oh wait... yeah, I can.

I'm so glad to hear that the two of you had fun. Its sad when people like that have to go home, but like you say you've got him on-side for good now, besides if he really 'gets' you after another week or so the two of you will either have gotten married or killed each other, I'm tipping it'd be the latter.

Blog buddies are awesome, I love that blogger has introduced me to so many warped individuals around the world. Now all I need to do is work out a way to visit them all!

cb a dit…

I'm rather glad that it was dark on the trocadero so you didn't see me tear up a bit as the enormity of the whole vacation was brought into sharp relief by the glittering, beautiful Eiffel tower.

It really was a magical vacation. Thanks so much again!

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Mike, it's a good quote, but it wasn't a pretty sight...

Pixy, couches to crash on are useful!

Aims, he's a great guy. really.

Poser - you must do, it'd be funny.

Rob, thanks - it's been a great week.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Mutant, all we'd need to complete the circle would be your sorry aussie ass. ha ha.

CB - I'm glad you thought I didn't notice....saturday was just the best end to a great week. So much fun. Paris misses you.

tornwordo a dit…

So true so true.

Daryl a dit…

Wnat a wonderful time .. have you read Maupin's Tales of the City? You must.

Anonyme a dit…

I cannot imagine seeing a sight like that on going into any of my regular haunts. Sounds like a great week, so glad you had fun.

Anonyme a dit…

I love these stories. :) Good to hear you're having a good time!

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Torny - isn't it!

Daryl - oh yes. Love those books - and the new one was great too. I do feel like I live on Barbary Lane some days...

12oti - it's kind of par for the course here I'm afraid. Someone was trying to convince me to go to a naked bar the other day. I mean really....

Marjolein - fun as ever here in Paris!