jeudi 2 octobre 2008

Computer says 'no'

Now, me and technology, we get on ok. Not well, not brilliantly, just ok.

I can load software and download tunes and manage a pretty self-managing blog. But there reaches a point where things are happening because of a) the technology being incredibly well designed and just getting on with it without any user intervention or b) sheer luck.

Alas, this week neither has been happening for me. I'm about ready to throw a few grand's worth of computer equipment out of the office window onto the beach below (ok, so it's a cement works, but it looks like a beach).

Monday saw the arrival of a pallet-load of computers, printers, docking stations, network gadgets and things with wires sticking out of them (or into them, depending on where you stand). Included in the pack was a list of instructions that the company IT guy had put together before he skipped off to sunnier climes for a fortnight.

So Debbie and me, very pleased with our delivery, set out to construct the 'network' that computer boy in the UK had designed for us. We got on pretty well with it and by the end of the day we could print things out on our 'fast' printer.

Tuesday we could print things on the 'slow' printer too. And we could scan documents and send faxes.

Wednesday we could connect to the internet and send emails.

Today, we can do none of the above. Well, we can do some of them, but not all.

The problem is that somewhere, something is out to get us. I can get on-line, but not print. Debbie can scan and print but has no internet access. Neither of us can get our emails via the company system - I'm resorting to hotmail and Debbie is cut off totally.

At 3 o'clock we closed the office door behind us and went and worked from a local bar that has wifi.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping that someone will miraculously appear and say 'here it is - the piece you are missing'. Unfortunately, it's more likely that hell will freeze over and we'll be invaded by hordes of flying pigs.

I know that I have to sort it out myself, but really - I'd rather sit in the bar and do wifi.

At least they sell gin there.

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Anonyme a dit…

My boyfriend usually gives me the advice to pet my computer and speak softly to it whenever it's creating chaos again. I, however, believe in the truly evil nature of everything connected to technology. And working in a bar sounds good for so many different reasons (you could even pick up a date there, for instance, or sample the local stock of Merlots, or claim to be working when you're really just getting drunk. Brilliant.)

aims a dit…

Have you tried turning it off and on again? I love that line.

The Man says it to me every time I have a complaint. He gets it from that british comedy show called The IT Crowd. Ya - and working IT for years as well.

Luckily tho - I just have to patient until he gets home. Sometimes putting on a nice pair of pumps helps too TBNIL!

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Marjolein, I tried being nice to the hardware, honestly I did. But it just threw it back in my face. It's evil, I tell you. EVIL!

Aims, I'm going to dress up nice for it today and see if that makes a difference, I may even do my hair.

Anonyme a dit…

Well if you do insist on using Apple :-) :-)

travelling, but not in love a dit…

But Big C...these are the company computers that are standard pc's.

If they were mac's then none of this ridiculousness would be happening...

Anyway, this morning I've worked at that I can get free wifi at my desk from the MacDonalds at the end of the street. How funny is that!

Anonyme a dit…

I bet you're loving it :-0

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Boom boom!

Lola a dit…

[Using TBNIL's blog to talk to Aims] Isn't the IT Crowd a scream! although I had thought the humour so particularly British that other nations might just dismiss it as the ultimate in childishness. I love it, and I've only been able to see one or two episodes.

OK I suppose I should write something to travelling too... bad luck about the computers. Will that do? ;-)

aims a dit…

Hey Lola!

We have watched every episode of the IT Crowd. Yesterday I was watching some old show and there was the guy from the room behind the door. Too funny!

Love the IT Crowd! Love it! They don't make enough episodes in Britain like they do in North America for a 'season'.


travelling, but not in love a dit…

Hi Lola and Aims. Glad I can be of service to you both. I really don't mind you using my blog comments page as a meeting point. Really. I don't. Honestly... ;-)

Breezy a dit…

Luckily I have TS to "make it go" (Star Trek reference whilst we're all talking about tv on your blog)Really though you'd think all these clever IT people could make stuff that just works when you switch it on. Everybody else has to, or does the fact that they don't just proove how clever they are. I'm sure I'm makinga point there somewhere

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Breezy, I hear your point, honest I do. I wish it was all just like the rest of the electrical appliance world - kettles, fridges, microwaves...take it out of box, plug it in, off you go.

Why it has to be so complicated, je don't know.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

needless to say that I left today with nothing working. at all.

Lola a dit…

That's what made it so amazing that when we plugged in the Sky TV box that we borrowed, it just worked!!! It will never happen again; if we buy one I'm sure it will just sit there flashing lights and displaying ERR20S2Z.

[p.s. aims - that guy is a surreal comedian, check out The Mighty Boosh, and he was a team captain on Never Mind the Buzzcocks for a while.]

Daryl a dit…

I wish I was there... I could try to figure it out .. but then I am more adept w/Apple issues which are usually very easy to fix .. however .. I would go back to the last installed before everything stopped working ... THAT would likely be the culprit


I hope its all better ...


Louise a dit…

I left a witty comment here before I left town, and it must not have "taken." I was looking forward to your witty response!