mercredi 30 juillet 2008

Say I'm your nambawan

Finally, I got to Vanuatu - just 30 hours later than planned. I arrived weary and tired after my 45 minute flight from Nouméa. A flight that shouldn't have left me weary at all, but the singers were back and in 'fine form'....

Anyway, I got to the hotel and found the Aussie girls at the bar. Where else would they be?

Now, a single boy travelling in a catholic country with two women needs some explaining. Luckily we had 'big fella Johnny' to do this for us. Big Fella Johnny was a taxi driver who adopted us on our first trip into Port Vila, the capital.

"which one Nambawan wife?" Johnny asked.

"Nambawan?" said I

"Yes boss. Nambawan wife. Before Nambatu Wife."

The penny dropping was swiftly followed by an argument between the girls as to who should be my number one wife. The decision was fairly easy.

Apparently I was Nambatu Husband.

2 commentaires:

Louise a dit…

Cute. A giggle (more, actually) from me.

aims a dit…

Don't ya love how some people think?

Just catching up sweetie - been away helping my brother with the rafting biz...missed you.