lundi 4 août 2008

A fleeting glance of normality

I'm back in Paris. I landed at four o'clock this morning, having trekked across the globe. As there was no public transport running into town at that time of day (well, none that was a> useful or b> up to my standards) I decided to get a cab.

It's not that bad really - 50 euros for the schlep from CDG to my front door was absolutely worth it, as it meant I was home and in my bed for 5.15. Perfect. Except, of course, that my body has no idea what time it is any more and do you think I could sleep?

The taxi driver was a good old boy. "Where have you come from?" he asked.

"Noumea" said I.

"Ah, lovely" he said "I always wanted to go to New Zealand"

"It's New Caledonia"

"The same thing, really though, isn't it?" said the cabbie. "After all, they both speak French"

"They speak English in New Zealand" said I, usefully.

"No,no, no. You're confusing it with Australia" insisted the taxi driver.

"Zzzzz" said I, as I feigned sleep and wished for higher IQs for everyone I have to deal with.

Anyway, I have the briefest of stopovers at my apartment as I'm off to the UK tomorrow - for a month. A month of working at a desk in HQ, rather than at a desk in the corner of my living room. That's tough.

I have a new assistant starting here in France and this time in the UK is part of her training programme. Suffice to say, it all seemed like a good idea at the time.

The company have rented me a nice city centre apartment, so I'll be living the highlife. Apparently.

Things I am looking forward to:

1. Having family and friends just down the road, but not in the same building.
2. British delicacies, including good old pork sausages (behave yourselves, I mean bangers)
3. Getting to spend time with my nephew and niece, the world's loveliest children (ask me if I still think that in a month's time)
4. XXL. It's the funniest club in the world, although I'm guessing August isn't the best month for bear hunting.
5. Catching up with friends in London, Birmingham and the North West. Much excitement there - and much beer budget needed.

And the list could go on forever really. It makes me wonder why I don't still live there.

But then I remember that I live in Paris and that makes up for it all. I really do love it here and I'm not really looking forward to closing the door tomorrow for a month.

But hey, a job's a job. When I come back in September, I have all sorts to look forward to - friends are already booking their weekends in the spare room. The opera season starts. I get to go to night school and meet new people.

I'm really hoping (and I'm pretty confident) that this month in the UK will be the end of this mad, tail-chasing (my own tail, before you get any ideas Lewis) life that I have had for the last few years. September sees a new beginning, with feet firmly planted on the ground.

The Parisian ground, that is. Can't bloody wait.

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Lewis a dit…

So, is there any particular reason why I can't be your assistant and get to spend a month in the UK with you? I think it's a splendid idea!

Millennium Housewife a dit…

I have a visual IQ test to help avoid those sticky (easy) situations. It's a simple check as to the proximity of forehead to ground. The lower it is the lower the IQ. Keeps the rain of his feet? Stay well clear. MH

Medbh a dit…

What will you be studying in night school?

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Lewis, no reason whatsoever, so long as you speak fluent French. But I'd make an exception for you....

MH, sounds good to me! I'll look out for that one!

Medbh, I'm currently thinking it'll either be German or Japanese. I think Japanese would be great, but German is a bigger class, therefore more people to meet....which is kind of the point.

Daryl a dit…

And how is it that there was no post of a job opening which I would have applied for tout sweet... I even have a current passport AND I speaka da English ... and could learn French ... I could ... okay so the high school classes didnt stick but that was because I was too young to know how much good it would do for me as an adult .....


aims a dit…

I have a feeling we are going to be getting tales of high-jinks and niece and nephew cutesies. What fun!

And I'm all caught up! Good to have you back.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Daryl, and you could have injected some much needed glamour into the organisation too! Damn. Never mind, new girl is very good. So far.

Aims, it's good to be back. I'm sure there'll be much hi-jinx-ing to report over the coming've been warned!

Brett a dit…

You might just get the best of the summer, its yet to happen here.

Breezy a dit…

How will you cope with a whole month in one country? How will one country cope with you? I look forward to finding out

amy a dit…

How exciting - looking forward to all kinds of interesting insights from you,in the UK and your new phase.

Swearing Mother a dit…

Frankly, a month in Birmingham is enough to sort anyone out, loads of curries, fantastic beer, Waitrose just down the road for all those naughty delicacies.

Not that Paris is short of all the good stuff, but sometimes it's good to get back to your roots I guess.

Enjoy yourself, Travelling, and I hope good old Brum remembers how to give you a really good time.

Louise a dit…

Really, I have no idea how you can hop from here to there so much and keep your sanity. And a month in the office after usually working in your living room??? I'm glad you have all those things you're looking forward to, because I think I'd go stark raving mad at work. But hey, in a month it will be over, and you'll be planted.

Welcome home. For a day, or whatever it is.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Brett, let's hope. I don;t want to lose the first sun tan I've ever had!

Breezy - not sure how anyone will cope! But you can be sure it'll be reported on here!

Amy, you betcha.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Sweary, I'm hoping it's going to be good. Funny to be heading back there after so long....

Louise, it's going to be weird I know. But I've had September as my focus month for so long - I've known that that is the month when my life settles down into a real life. No more floating around, drifting / running from here to there.

It's going to be a good month in the UK, but even better when I get back!

Anonyme a dit…

Good grief, I'm exhausted just reading this. I hope your sleeping patterns have returned to normal by now

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Hey Conortje, sleeping patterns not yet normal but getting there...

I think I need someone to bring me a mug of cocoa, read me a story and tuck me in. I'm pretty sure that'd help.

tornwordo a dit…

How many nights have you actually spent at your *home* in Paris? It doesn't sound like too many. Who's watering your plants?

Lola a dit…

Typical, you come over to my neck of the woods for a month, I get sent to Rotherham at exactly the same time!

Dianne a dit…

I used to spend tons of time in London when I worked for a firm that had head office there.

One of the few things I miss about working for the evil bastards!

I loved London and almost moved there many times but you know - the splendor of NJ just can't be denied ;)

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Torny, I reckon 15 nights so far! Not nearly enough. But I always knew this was coming.

As for the plants - well they're on their own and fading fast I'd imagine....poor things.

Lola, what's going on in Rotherham? Surely nothing that's as exciting as my visit to the midlands!?!

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Dianne, i also love London - such a great city, one of the world's finest! Alas, so bloody expensive!