jeudi 28 février 2008

Leather bound lovely

My passport is feeling lonely. It hasn't been used this week, which is a rare treat.

I like my passport, and hate it when it's time for a change. At the moment I have two, which is always good for a laugh. Both have shocking photo's.

The older of the two is getting decidedly dogeared now. But she's still got another three years to go - I hope she makes it! She's currently looking lovely in a Mont Blanc calfskin cover - but underneath she's quite ropey.

My passports have been on some adventures over the years - left behind in Holland (I realised this when I found myself passportless in Switzerland, three countries later); confiscated in Jerusalem by an employer who feared I'd run off with the takings; examined to within an inch of it's life on the Chinese / Mongolian border and stolen (only to be recovered later - it was a joke, apparently) by Touareg tribesman in Timbuktu.

In their various forms they've been waved in the faces of border guards from countless countries and never questioned (apart from in Havana, where the officer went for a second and, worryingly, a third opinion).

They've seen me subjected to a rather nasty body cavity search in Haifa and been with me as I skipped across the Rafa border crossing from Gaza to Egypt (yes, the one that they recently knocked a whacking great hole through).

It's not surprising that they tend to wear out before their tenure is up.

So tomorrow, my passport is coming out again as we head together to the land of spices, temples and exotic locals.

We're heading east.

E14 to be precise, Isle of Dogs.

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Lewis a dit…

I'd like to go with you to the spice land! I think that I'm on my 4th passport, if I'm not mistaken. They used to fill up with stamps from the far corners of the world. But they don't stamp much any more. Makes them pretty boring to use. Have fun!

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Hi Lewis, it's true - stamps are becoming less and less these days...especially since Europe became one big, happy, borderless family...some places still do a nice visa though!

CawfeeGuy a dit…

that is absolutely WONDERFUL.
reading this, i feel like such a sedintary american who's most exotic journey was to San Francisco.

Swearing Mother a dit…

TBNIL, this is the stuff blog-to-books are made of. A young man, his search for romance and excitement, a travelogue of opportuities - what a great book that would make.

I'd definitely buy it.

Anonyme a dit…

Isle of Dogs
Ille de chien lol somewhere I have never been, it sounds intriguing
tell me about it
PS thanks for the great comments on my blog, so sensible

aims a dit…

Darling ---do have a lovely time...

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Ah, thank you all for your lovely words. VM, I'll be posting some words on the Isle of Dogs presently. Trust me when I say the glamour knew no beginning....

Stew a dit…

My wife wonders what you do for a living to warrant so much travel to such exotic locations.

I told her you're a spy.

And the word verification stuff used in the comments boxes is how you pass your secret codes around


travelling, but not in love a dit…

Stew, if only it was that glamourous! I'd love to be a spy. Goodnes only knows the mess I'd get into though - I can never remember who I've repeated gossip to, let alone keep a straight face when lying, ha ha.

And you know, most of those godforsaken places are the results of holidays.

I do realise that Mongolia, Gaza, Mali, Israel, etc aren't places most people would choose for the annual fortnight, but hey, no-one ever accused me of being 'most people'....