mardi 5 février 2008

Lyon morning

Looking out of my window I can see the hill of Fourviere, with the cathedral and the TV tower crowning it. The light at this time of day is surreal, not yet daylight, promise of great things ahead in the air.

On the Quai below the window, people are heading to work. Walking, cycling, in buses and in cars. I'm not one of them. My Lyon commute is to the desk in the corner of the lounge.

The river is still dark, the days colour not yet decided. Some days it's grey and dull, others it's a range of blues, turquoise, beige. The big barges head up and down during the day, taking cement, gravel, goodness knows what to the ports of the Saone and the Rhone.

I sit on my window ledge looking down at it all and warm my hands on the coffee mug I'm holding. I like my life here. We rub along quite well together, Lyon and me.

The phone rings. It's the allotted time. The phone call is the first in a series of interviews for a job that, if I get offered it, will see me returning to the UK. Leaving Lyon behind.

I'm in two minds about answering.

8 commentaires:

Lola a dit…

Don't you love the promise of change? Often better than the reality, though. I wonder whether they will offer you that job, and whether you will accept?

Breezy a dit…

Pensive picture to go with pensive mood? Is the job because you want to or feel you ought to?

Swearing Mother a dit…

Great view. Difficult choices ahead maybe.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

The view is the view from my living room. It truly is a great view.

Is it because i want to or feel i ought to? A bit of both, methinks.

I don't know why but I do still seem to have some ambition left!

Anyway, the decision is currently out of my hands. This mornings interview went well, but I'm sure they have many more hoops for me to jump through yet....

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Hi Lola,

I do love the promise of change - it can be a great thing - but sometimes I long for a rock to hang on to.

Somewhere to pitch my tent, out of the wind.

aims a dit…

Here again and I've been captivated with your outlook on life - so I've bookmarked you and will be back on a daily basis most likely - that is how I blog.

I loved your comment over on mine - it revealed a lot without giving too much away. How I wish I had done the same. I had wanted to, but had been swept up with that strange imitation of 'love'. I at one point looked into working on a freighter or being a lookout on a mountain. Again - that siren call that almost killed me.

Come back and visit again..

Stew a dit…

Nicely written TBNIL

Anonyme a dit…

If your looking, then all is not as you want where you are now.Think about why that is - if you can change it stay , if you cannot , then keep looking.
Comfortable in ones skin is more important than comfortable in ones surroundings
herr endeth the lesson of mam :>)