jeudi 30 avril 2009

Treading water

I'm busy.

Too busy.

Really.  It's getting kind of ridiculous.

I'm busy at work and busy socially.  I don't have time to do lots of things that I should and can't even think about doing many things that I want to.

I've neglected my blog roll (sorry!) and I'm finding it hard to call my Mother more than twice a week.  I just about manage to hold down a Facebook page, but seriously, that's it.  I've had to get up at 6am to post this missive, such is the disaster that is my schedule at the moment.

To give you an example of how crazy my days are, let me tell you about yesterday.

Yesterday, I planned to start the day easily with an hour of catching up on general rubbish in the house.  No chance.  I've been trying to talk to my boss about something for days and when does she choose to call?  Yep, I lost the hour I'd put aside and then some.  

By the time I got off the phone, I was fifteen minutes late for my train.

So, instead of taking a leisurely métro ride to the Gare du Nord, I ended up rushing to find a cab and racing off to meet Debbie.  This would be the first of four taxis yesterday.

I take the train to Lille, then change stations and trains and head further north to Calais.  All the train ride I am working, prepping the meeting that I am heading to in Calais.

A taxi, hotel meeting room and another taxi later, I'm back at Calais Fréthun TGV station and back on the train to Lille.

In Lille, I grab a sandwich and jump the train to Paris.  I grab a sandwich because I know it's my only hope of eating that day.  I'd alread missed lunch and so was determined not to miss dinner.

Arriving in Paris, I head off to see the first friend of the evening.  And this is where the day gets crazy.

I have a lovely time with my new Paris Blogging Friend at the Opéra Garnier - it's a modern dance performance that started good, got better and ended up with an amazing, moving, disturbing piece that - to me - was about pack mentality, alpha male-ism, bullying and torture.  It was amazing, yet uncomfortable.  The French found it hilarious and laughed a lot.  Bunch of insensitive freaks.

Alas, after the performance, I didn't have time to really chat with PBF as I had a second friend to see.  He was waiting for me on the steps of the Opéra and we headed off to my favourite bar for a drink.  It was lovely to catch up with him, but we only had an hour together as he had a train to catch and  I had a third 'date'.  

Yep, I told you that the day was crazy. 

Anyway, as we left the bar, we kissed goodnight and planned that the next time we'd have longer together.  With this friend, it's hard.  I never really get to see him that often and, when we do, both of us always leave feeling short-changed.  We spent the next half hour texting each other back and forwards - him on his train, me in the final taxi of the day.  We made tentative plans for next week.  We'll see.

I get out of the taxi at the final friend's apartment in the fancy 16th, take the lift up to his flat and collapse into bed.  Luckily he was already there.  Luckily I found a bit of energy.

I get to sleep at around 1.30 thinking of the chaos that today has in store for me.

I know I said that I'd got up at 6am to write this post, but that was a bit of a lie - I was up already.  I'd left the flat in the 16th at 5.30 this morning, taken the métro and walked in through my own front door at 6am.

I'm off to shower now.  Iron a shirt and shine my shoes.  I need to be up and out in half an hour.

Goodness knows when I'll phone my Mother.

17 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

It could be worse. At least half your busyness is caused by a full social life. Have fun!

Anonyme a dit…

I clearly need to step it up some more and head out!!!

Hope your enjoying :)

Henry North London a dit…

Well sounds like youre having fun if nothing else

Sod the housework, Priorities you know what they are

Lane a dit…

I need a rest now, after reading that.
Hats off to you my boy.

Myopic Psychotic a dit…

Just clear an evening and spend some time in. You are doing too much. Is there something on your mind you are trying to avoid?

Daryl a dit…

The French love Jerry Lewis. I mean after that, why would them laughing at disturbing things be surprising?

travelling, but not in love a dit…

marjolein, I guess I shouldn't complain. I just need to be better organised...

Jaala - you certainly do!

Henry, it is fun. If a little exhausting...

Lane - I need a rest too. Now, let me look at my diary and see when I can do that...

travelling, but not in love a dit…

MP - nothing I'm trying to avoid, no. I just don't like standing still. hehe...

Daryl, they also love Benny Hill. God help us all.

alan a dit…

Not that I'd suggest stopping blogging (because it's not fair to deprive us), but my current respite from blogging which will last who knows how long is doing a world of wonders for me

Swearing Mother a dit…

You phone your mother twice a week?? Just wait till I speak to our kid.....whenever he decides to ring me, that is.


A Lewis a dit…

Make sure you're taking your vitamins!

laurie a dit…

you have way more energy than i do.
and your life sounds so glamorous! even though i know that calais is not terribly glamorous.

Victor a dit…

Are you sure there is only one of you?

Brett a dit…

What a great life, although at that pace it could be a short one, slow down, i have enough trouble fitting one exciting thing into my day.

Anonyme a dit…

Ah, busy lives can be a pain in the arse. With my GCSEs coming up, I barely have social life :( I'm so jealous of the layabouts who don't revise but go out and get pissed.

Think of it this way, you'll be complaining when you're bored and have nothing to do!

cb a dit…

In some societies you might be called a whore. :-)

aims a dit…

Honey - you hit 50 and your stride obviously! You're the hottest ticket in Paree these days.

Could you perhaps rub some of that stuff off on me? I need a bit of a life.