lundi 28 janvier 2008

Putz in boots

I tried some boots on in Zara at the weekend. God knows why, they weren't particularly nice - maybe I was bored.

Anyway, you know how they display shoes there, all in pairs just like an overpriced Brantano. So there's no need to ask for the right size, you just whip your own shoes off and try theirs on.

I pulled the boot on (it was quite a struggle, but then I am blessed with a large calf). Boot on, I pulled the zip up. As the zip went up, it started to open at the bottom - until the zip was closed at the top, but open all of the rest of the way other words, I was stuck.

So there I am. Stuck in a boot that I don't like, with no idea of how to get it off. Disaster.

So I tugged and pulled and generally went quite red in the face. I twisted and turned and it was going nowhere.

In the end, I had to go and shamefacedly ask the assistant - in French - to cut me out of the bloody shoe. It took a while to find scissors, which were no good. Then the security guard went to get a knife from his locker (the fact that he has a knife in his locker didn't seem to bother/surprise his co-workers).

Anyway, the knife did the trick, and with much embarrassment from me, and applause from the gathered crowd, I was set free.

Yet another shop that I can never go back to.

4 commentaires:

Swearing Mother a dit…

Just thank the powers that be that you weren't trying on a skin tight sweater dress, which is what I had to be cut out of last time I shopped in Zara.

Next time I'll ask for a large instead of a medium.

Stew a dit…

Big calf syndrome....
When I was at highschool I was in the Pipe Band. I played the bagpipes. The uniform was kilt, sporran, glengarry, the whole monty.
And spats
I couldn't get any spats to close around my calfs

I've got legs like a Baptist minister's wife.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

SM and Stew...

the sweater dress incident and the pipe band uniform - I'd pay good money to have seen either of those!

Anonyme a dit…

I think back with such warm feelings to the days when I wore thigh high courrege boots,My cousin who lived in London,in fashionable Coniger Road, and was in the rag trade, well she was actually a buyer for Biba, she passed all sorts of stuff to me. I was quite a sight coming home to Merthyr from Uni in London in those boots and a quant dress,my mother looked at me coming off the train and said to me ,well we had better get Alwyns taxi, there's no way you can go on the bus like that!
now I too have calf syndrome.