lundi 28 janvier 2008

Dutch Courage

Lord, do I know how to put myself under pressure.

Take this new Dutch guy, DC.

DC and me, it's not serious. At least I don't think that he thinks it is. But I'm having to stop myself thinking of it in a serious way.

Is it because I really like him? Maybe it is. But I think it's also because I've set myself this stupid goal of falling in love and settling down.

Anyway, I flew from Geneva to the UK last week and had to change planes at Schiphol. I had a couple of hours between flights, and he came to meet me at the airport. He just texted me to say he was at the airport, having quizzed me on my travel plans earlier in the day.

He lives a long way from Schiphol.

Maybe I'm underestimating him.

4 commentaires:

aims a dit…

Now this sounds rather interesting - he turned up! and you say it's a long way from the airport...hmmmm

Lola a dit…

On the subject of daemons: from reading your blog, there's no way you could have a panda with all that travelling, it would be exhausted. I'd say you need something more robust and definitely interested in sex: how about the Bonobo: "Sexual intercourse plays a major role in Bonobo society, being used as a greeting, a means of conflict resolution and post-conflict reconciliation... male-male sex is sometimes referred to as penis fencing." (Wikipedia)

[I should probably have put this on my blog, but I try not to be this explicit there...]

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Lola, that's funny.

A big ugly ape with a penchant for penis fencing.

Sounds just my type. ha ha.

Maybe I should have said something incredibly glamourous instead - an Emarald Hummingbird, a Bird of Paradise....or that other 'oiseau exotique' - the Cock of the Rock (trust me, it does exist, it's the national bird of Peru)...

Breezy a dit…

Oh you're in there! (If you choose to be that is)