lundi 21 janvier 2008

I heart Holland

I went to a party in Holland last week, a party organised by some Dutch colleagues.

It was great - good food, plenty to drink, good conversation. Even if I was the only non-Dutch person there and everyone had to make an effort to speak to each other in English for my benefit.

Just before dinner is served, this guy turns up. He's someone who works for an agency that I use in Holland and I've met him before, and I liked him then, and I just pray that when we all sit down for dinner that he sits next to me.

He does.

He sits next to me and we get on famously, just like we did the first time. He's pretty gorgeous and has this way of leaning in really close when he's talking - ladies and gentlemen, I do declare I was giddy.

Just to ruin my fun, the host then declares that after the first course everyone must move seats (it was one of those kind of soirees...). So, be still my beating heart, I have to get up and leave him behind. I sit down on the opposite side of the room and as the dust settles and everyone is back in a seat I turn to my left, and he has followed me - he's installed himself next to me with a cheeky smile.

'Where did you think I was going to move to?' he said, leaning in close and smiling.

Reader, I thought my heart was going to stop.

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Swearing Mother a dit…



travelling, but not in love a dit…

Hey SM. Woohoo indeed! There was most definitely an 'and...' but I'm not tempting fate.

Just be prepared for some posts from the depths of despair if it all goes wrong....ha ha

Lola a dit…

I've turned up at just the right moment, methinks. I was a little worried by some of your earlier posts, but swearing mother said it all for me. Thanks for dropping by at my blog - I will be lurking here for the foreseeable.

Anonyme a dit…

so whats he like - gorgus isnt enough boyfriend lol.
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