mercredi 21 mai 2008

Beschwipst, bothered and bewildered...

Good grief. I'm just back from Dusseldorf.

The trip involved meeting and eating the world's largest schnitzel at a restaurant called 'Bender's Marie...' (officially, it's billed on the menu as "the world famous giant Bender's schnitzel, biggest in the world", it was bigger than my head), drinking more beer than I should have because I forgot to say no and generally losing my hotel.

Really, I lost my hotel. It's not very international jet-flyer of me, I know, but I was in a hurry when I left the hotel, got directions to the U-Bahn stop, bought a ticket and got on.

I didn't look at the name of the station, nor did I look at the number of the train.

I'm obviously some kind of half wit, but hey, no surprises.

My German colleague, sixteen beers (or so) and a giant schnitzel later walks me to the Heinrich Heine Allee station and waves me farewell. He leaves me in front of a screen offering 6 different lines going to twelve different destinations.

Yeah, danke schon for that one, mate.

What to do?

I get out my phone (the Germans call them 'Handys', how cute is that?) and phone the hotel.

The receptionist tells me that it is the U-79 and direction Duisberg.

She tells me the name of the station.

I ask her to tell me the name again and she obliges.

Too ashamed to ask a third time, I thank her and hang up. I don't want her to think I'm drunk - we'll save that surprise for when she sees me.

So I have no idea what the station is called, but from what the receptionist was saying it sounds like 'clitoris strasse'.

I can only imagine it will be very difficult to find.

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softinthehead a dit…

LOL - did you make it home?? Not finding your hotel - a classic sign of a good night!

Anonyme a dit…

oooh handys -that's adorable - I might have to start calling them that too. I'm very impressed at your sixteen beers - that's my Travelling :-)

Lola a dit…

So easily done, like walking away from the car in a multi storey car park without noting the floor number or parking area or even the name or street of the car park. But one is usually sober when returning to pick up a car...

tornwordo a dit…

That made me laugh....clitoris strasse. Hope you made it back okay.

aims a dit…

Oh Honey - with a name like that - I doubt very much if YOU could find it!

How I laughed over this one. Sorry to laugh at your expense darling - but do get yourself into situations that most of us don't.

Stew a dit…

clitoris strasse, it's just a bit north of the vulva gasse, across the way from Arsche Bahn.

Medbh a dit…

"Clitoris strasse" is hilarious.
How bloated were you after all that beer and food?

amy a dit…

I love the idea of your readers somehow getting the street information to you and guiding you back to the hotel (though I hope you made it back before morning!)

travelling, but not in love a dit…

I made it back to the hotel. It only took an hour, when it should have taken 15 minutes. I only missed my station by one stop....which was enough to cause me consternation, to say the least!

And yes, the beer and the world's biggest schnitzel didn't help....

Lewis a dit…

Back from eating the world's biggest schnitzel? You have to be kidding. We're all jealous.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Lewis, the schnitzel was shaped like Brazil and almost as big.

Luckily the sixteen beers were very small ones (20cl, how small is that? They were one-gulp-beers).

So back home now at the start of a three day weekend. yay!

Eclectic Dilettante a dit…

You're not alone in losing your hotel.

In the middle of the night we wandered the streets of London for hours trying to find our hotel. Like you it was a case of a missed stop and too many libations. Lost! in London.

We ended up getting a ride back with the London police. I'll never forget the ride in the back of that cop car.

Hope your return was a bit more conventional.