lundi 26 mai 2008

L'homme de sa vie

So, dinner with Train Stranger last night then.

I think it all started yesterday afternoon. The weather was foul - cold, wet, miserable spring weather - and I decided to get the duvet and lie on the sofa watching a movie. I wanted something french, something I already knew.

The choice was 'fauteuils d'orchestre' or 'l'homme de sa vie'. Now, fauteuils is a great Sunday afternoon movie. Possibly my favourite Sunday afternoon movie (after North by Northwest of course). But I just wasn't in the mood for Cecile de France and her perkiness.

So I went for 'l'homme de sa vie'.

It's beautifully filmed, well constructed and well written. Bernard Campan is gorgeous in it, and plays troubled husband so well.

I watch the film, cry (a lot) and wind up feeling as miserable as. I'd forgotten how melancholy-making this film could be.

A deep funk had indeed descended.

I shower, I even shower with special mood-enhancing shower gel. But the funk doesn't lift.

I get dressed and head out. Dinner is at my favourite Lyon restaurant. On the way I keep telling myself, be happy, cheer up.

At the restaurant, TS is waiting for me. He looks great and his smile makes me remember why I'm here.

We talk about our weekends and I tell him I watched this film.

"How can you watch that?" He said.

"Because it's a great movie"

"It is, but I saw it at the cinema and vowed never to watch it again. I don't think I've ever taken so long to get a film out of my head"

We ate great food. We had great conversation. He held my hand across the table and we had a funny looking-at-each-other moment. My melancholy still biting, refusing to give in to happiness.

Afterwards, we walked back towards town along the river and over the rickety-rackety bridge - the Pont Masaryk.

We get to mine and move in off the street, into the lobby of my building. We stand there, heads together, temples touching for a while. We kiss goodnight. There's no invitation from me, and he leaves, back to his own bed.

I'll see him again, maybe. But next time, I'll stay off the movies.

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alan a dit…

well, now; it sounds like there was tres excitement! Sounds like a good first date to me! (minus the melancholy, obviously)

Oh my god, stories like this remind me of how much a hopeless romantic buffoon I am at times.

Tina a dit…

I love a French film, but they are a bit melancholy inducing. And its spoiled now that my French isn't good enough any more to watch them without subtitles.

Do you want to see him again? Not sure if the 'maybe' is yours.

softinthehead a dit…

"I wanted something french" Duh ! We'd guessed that! I am not sure what kind of recommendation that was for the movie though. Glad you plan a return visit with TS.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Alan, it was a good first date. Not sure there'll be follow up though.

You should never stop being a hopeless romantic buffoon - it's such a good thing to be!

Tina, the maybe is mine. I also think it's his. We'll see.

I'm leaving town in a month, after all.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Softy! I'm shocked at your insinuations...ha ha.

The film is glorious. Watch it. I'm sure a woman's perspective on it would be completely different.

It's especially different from the point of view of a wife, I imagine.

Really, it's good.

amy a dit…

So wistful, your post made me teary (I guess I'm a hopeless romantic too). Wonder if the evening ended how it did cause the film induced melancholy, or if you chose that film to induce melancholy so the evening would end that way? I must see this movie!

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Amy, I think the film was just a bad choice, and yes, I'm sure the evening ended that way because of it.

Take a look at the trailer for the film - there's a link in the post.

red a dit…

sounds like a great first date and a good film. I love Cecile de France, maybe I should check it out...

Daryl a dit…

Oh .. good looking, sensitive and romantic ..


travelling, but not in love a dit…

Red, both are good films.

The cecile de france one (fauteuils d'orchestre) is one of those films that only the french make - a charming film where not much happens and everything falls into place like a dream. Don't expect high drama, intrigue and angst!

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Daryl - all the things you'd think I'm looking for....just a shame that I'm moving 250 miles away.

Medbh a dit…

I don't speak French.
I'll see if I can get a copy with subtitles.

aims a dit…

What's 250 miles when the blood is running high? I know it's not as fun as the same city - but when more of an effort is put into it...well - you know.

Darling - you are a delightful romantic! Touched by movies, rain, candlelight - alcohol.

If only everyone was like that...(I was going to say men - but really - some women need to be more like that too)

travelling, but not in love a dit…

medbh, it's worth it....i'd be interested to hear your take too...

aims, bless you, as ever. but you are right - the world needs more romantics!

Anonyme a dit…

Sounds like a really good date! But why no follow up? He might get a business opportunity soon that sends him to Paris - you never know! :)