mardi 22 septembre 2009

See you later, boy.

Yes, he was a skater boy. Yes, I said "see you later boy". He wasn't good enough for me. Or whatever it is the song lyrics say.

The awkward moment of the weekend really does go to Skater Boy and his arrival chez TBNIL on friday evening with his overnight bag.

See, everybody there knew that it was le Fabulous Parisien who was staying over. Everybody except Skater Boy, it seems. I mean really, I don't know why he didn't work that out for himself. It's not like I hadn't hinted and suggested that that would be the case - several times.

Does a boy need to be clear, honest and open these days or what? Since when was a heavy hint not enough?

Yeah ok, it's my fault. I'm guilty as charged - guilty of not telling him that his invitation was in the capacity of friend only. But I had said to him to bring some of our mutual friends along because "I don't want you to have nobody to talk to". It's not my fault he arrived alone.

Lord help me. I'm now officially ruining peoples' lives. Well, that's how it felt when I saw his little face, clearly unsure of the situation that he had walked into.

Anyway, he soon recovered and threw himself into the spirit of things. He chatted to me, to my other friends. He danced and he had a laugh with the rest of us.

Malheureusement, he was also drinking. And the more he drank, it seemed the hornier he became. The more, erm, demanding of my attention he became.

As he bumped and grinded in front of me, busting his best moves and using me as his pole for a bit of a pole dance, it became obvious that this was his mating dance. I stepped back. He followed. I stepped aside. He followed. I squirmed. He upped his ante.

By now, his arms were flailing, he was doing that bollywood neck thing and he was giving me the old Shakira hip shake. Really, it was intense, embarassing and without an end in sight.

Such was my shame, that there was only one thing for it. I walked away and went to the bathroom.

He followed me. Of course.

I got out of there quickly and went outside. Got me some air.

After ten minutes breathing time, I went back in.

"I've been looking for you" he said, as soon as I hit the area where my friends were.

"Sure. Of course" I said, unforgivingly.

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm heading home. I'll collect my things from your house sometime in the week."

And with that, he was gone. He looked more drunk than upset; yet more upset than happy.

I felt pretty bad about the whole thing. But then I thought about it.

I'd never said "you're not sleeping at mine", but equally I'd never said that he was either. I've always been clear with him that we're not heading for a relationship. And he has a boyfriend already anyway. I'm kind of feeling that a guy who has a boyfriend can't really give me a hard time for not wanting to sleep with him.

But equally, I know that I acted badly and it could all have been prevented.

You live and learn, right?

Well, you'd think that I would, wouldn't you. It seems that I don't.

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aims a dit…

Oh - I don't know. You live and learn what?

I think you were trying your hardest not to hurt his feelings.

Anonyme a dit…

Oh dear me...a bit of a mess.

Well, it was complicated from the start to be fair, him having a boyfriend and all, so he shouldn't assume you're there waiting for him......

Kate a dit…

I think you did okay - he shouldn't assume you are just waiting for him.

Kate x

Daryl a dit…

Seriously it is all your fault. But on the other hand .. if he has a boyfriend, well, he should know better

Daryl a dit…

More scary is finding the word verification to be: amaho

I believe that's your's not mine

Anonyme a dit…

LOL sorry its like reading a diary from Jenny at Rydale High.
Sort your bloody slef out will you.
Too many too much and too not you

Alyssa a dit…

It does seem like people are not very perceptive of hints, even heavy ones, these days. I've learned that when it comes to the bedroom, somethings have to spelled out.

That said, you were finee. Skaterboy is the one who should "live and learn."

Do continue being fabulous.

Teaser a dit…

Generally if someone doesn't say 'sleepover at mine!' then I don't take it as a open invitation to bring my stuff.

He shouldn't have expected you to all over him all night if you haven't seen each other in ages.

cb a dit…

You're a... Heartbreaker. Dream maker. Love taker. Don't you mess around, no no no.

Anonyme a dit…

He has a boyfriend. He has no right to be the slightest bit upset!

I laughed at Daryl's comment on word verification. Mine's ismess. It is a mess indeed ;)

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Aims, I tried, I failed. Oh well.

Rob, yeah that was my thought really.

Kate - assume nothing is the best way, I guess.

D, yeah, I know it's my fault. But hey. I'm english. We don't do straight talking....

travelling, but not in love a dit…

VM - you make me is like a schoolgirl's diary. Anyway, I appreciate what you are saying. 'Must try harder', right?

Alyssa, trust me, the fabulous won't stop. I've tried and it keeps coming back...

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Teaser - I think bringing your stuff is kind of presumptive tbh - and even if I wasn't with someone else I'd probably have sent him home for being so presumptious...

CB - you a funny guy. Big funny fella.

12oti - yeah it's true, but I should have been clearer with him.

A Lewis a dit…

I'll tell you what I've lived and learned -- that I totally get into skater boys. A lot. A really really major lot.

travelling, but not in love a dit…

Lewis - he's a good guy. You'd be into him, I'm pretty sure of that...