samedi 6 octobre 2007


How did this become my life?

I’m speaking at a conference today, at a fancy Government run conference centre in London. I feel mildly stunned that these people have travelled from the US, from Canada, from South Africa and from across Europe to hear me speak. Admittedly I’m not the only show in town, but here they are, sat in front of me, waiting for my words of wisdom.

If they’d seen me last night they wouldn’t be hanging on my every word, taking notes so studiously.

Mark was also in town last night and we caught up over cocktails at the Dial bar. What can I say? He’s a different person when a: his wife is in another country, b: he’s got a few drinks inside him and c: he's with me. He never asked me not to mention it to Josja. He just got showered, got dressed and got into a cab.

My speech over, I work my way through the hand-shakers and back-patters, out of the conference centre and onto Victoria Street. It’s all been a bit too much for my poor hangover to cope with. I grab a latte and hail a cab. City airport, here I come. Get me out of here.

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